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Display advertising solves your problems! Display advertising on the Internet is placement static or dynamic banners, interactive or videos on various sites and in search results.

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Why do you need display ads?


1.Looking to bring a new product to market?

Display banner advertising allows you to create demand for new products among users, who have never heard of them before. Its main function is to grab the audience's attention through audio, video and graphic effects


2.Need to announce yourself to a large number of target audiences?

The task of display advertising is to reach the target audience as much as possible. Including that part of it that is not yet interested in your offer, that is, it is not looking for a product or service in the Internet.


3.Do you need to create an image for a brand or TM?

The best solution: order display ads. From the usual contextual advertising in networks this format is distinguished by a large audience reach. Display advertising about your company gets to know a lot of potential customers.

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Benefits of Display Advertising
in Sofona:



We have been engaged in display advertising since 2012 and have already launched more than 150 advertising campaigns

Breadth of coverage

We work with Google Adwords and Yandex KMS channels, placing ads on relevant sites


No budget restrictions

We have no minimum budget restrictions

Web analytics

We analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and give recommendations on further strategies for its implementation



We provide reports on the pricing policy of ad impressions and clicks.

A complex approach

Our display advertising is effective already after the first period of time after the launch of the advertisement


Team responsibility

We work for your success, therefore, the attitude to work in our team is appropriate

When ordering display advertising from us, you will receive:

Individual promotion strategy

based on the analysis of your business and data audit in Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

Quick launch of an advertising campaign

within 3-5 days from the date of payment

Targeted traffic growth and user remarketing

who have not made a conversion earlier - already from the 2nd week of the launch of the RK

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising

analysis of its impact on traffic and sales growth

Increase in sales

by achieving the previously predicted KPI

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Why do you need display ads?

Display advertising is focused on the visual perception of information by the target audience. This type of advertising includes everything: from banners on the sites of the partner network Google and Yandex. to promo videos on the most visited Youtube channels.

The task of display advertising is to inform a potential buyer about the opportunity to buy product that your store is the best. But, display advertising does not work with operational demand, as a search engine. This means that when placing display advertising, you need to correctly understand that it can mean and what results to expect. Display ads are displayed to users who your the product or service is not needed right now, but they are potential consumers.

Benefits of Display Advertising

The main advantage of online display advertising over traditional forms - this is a clearer targeting or targeting of the target audience, since the display of the video or an advertising banner can be selected in accordance with the theme of the site, geographical position of users, demo time, etc.

In addition, ad units are often shown to potentially interested visitors. So, contextual media advertising combines the advantages of contextual and media advertising and carries out demonstration of banners that match in content with the search queries of visitors. Option retargeting (English retargeting - retargeting) allows you to "return" users to the already the ad pages they viewed.

Another plus of online advertising is an entertaining, interactive nature, which is somehow resembles playing or watching cartoons. Also, unlike television or radio ads, visitors can control its duration or availability - skip the video, close pop-up, block annoying images in the browser.

When placing display ads, we will certainly analyze:

  • Which sites, which sections and which sites potential buyers of your product visit.
  • What are the possibilities for selecting (targeting) the audience, on what grounds?
  • Where will the banners run and where will your banner be displayed first or on a residual basis?
  • What banner format should you make for the site that you selected for placement? What are the technical requirements for the site?

Each point affects cost and efficiency. Trust me, it is very easy to buy a banner. It's harder to do this as efficiently as possible for the business. We know how to place banner ads correctly, profitably and as efficiently as possible, in conjunction with other types of advertising.

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