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We have been working in the field of reputation management almost from the very inception of this area of services.

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We have been working in the field of reputation management almost from the very inception of this area of services. And if in 2011 the most working tool were SERM technologies (displacing unwanted information from the TOP of search results) and banal removal of negativity for money, then by 2020 the range of possible services and tools has expanded significantly.

The presence of the Brand on the Internet is a prerequisite for a successful business, since it is online that consumers collect information about the necessary goods or services.

Online image can both increase your sales growth and scare off most of your customers. According to the data, in Ukraine, only 14% of social media users trust advertising, while 74% rely on positive or negative feedback from Internet users. The international situation is similar: 72% of consumers trust recommendations, and 52% of reviews from other users are decisive.


You can work to restore the company's reputation through the following main channels:

  1. Оплаченные


    This includes all media on which you have to pay for the placement of information. These are PPC, display advertising, advertising in social networks, sponsored posts on thematic blogs. Paid promotion helps you expand your reach, drive traffic, and build new relationships.

  2. Оплаченные


    Earned media is your reach of those external resources for which you did not pay. To do this, you need to create great content, distinguish yourself favorably from competitors, and offer unique products and services. Only then will they want to share information about your brand for free.

  3. Оплаченные

    3.Social networks

    Social media pages and profiles help expand brand reach and create more engagement opportunities. When working with these channels, it's important to stay connected and post fresh content on a regular basis. It is often better not to have a platform presence than to confuse customers with inactive pages.

  4. Оплаченные


    Your business website and / or blog are your own channels that you have complete control over.

What damages your reputation?

  1. Неумышленный негатив

    Unintentional negative

    Impulsive feedback from an angry customer. From his emotional post or message, the name of the company suffers in the first place

  2. Умышленный негатив

    Intentional negative

    Dissatisfied employees or competitors who hold evil against you. If in the first case, working on the mistakes of your staff will probably fix the problem, then here everything is more complicated. Such users know where to hit

  3. Черный PR

    Black PR

    This method is more dangerous and is the privilege of large competitors who use specialists for these purposes who are closely studying your business. It is difficult to come out of such circumstances as a winner.

How we fix problems
for our clients?

  • излучаем позитив

    emit positive

    We fill the existing pages with reviews with positive content, which will gradually replace the negative and raise the overall rating

  • Correcting the text

    We create neutral or positive SERM materials (Search Engine Reputation Management), optimized for top-priority queries (articles, press releases, reviews). We study your case so that the texts are extremely correct and convincing

    Корректируем текст
  • Продвигаем в поиске

    Promote in search

    We promote positive materials in the search so that they are ranked in the first positions for the queries of interest

  • We monitor the results of search engines

    Manual mode - monitoring of search engine results by actual keys

    Мониторим выдачу поисковых систем
  • Пользуемся алгоритмами поисковых систем

    We use search engine algorithms

    Automatic - using search engine algorithms to find mentions of your brand on the web

We also use:

  • Press releases on top blogs and media. Along with the PR effect, working with news publications can serve an essential role for SEO as well.
  • Social networks. For many companies, social media pages are business cards. Social media can be a powerful sales force.
  • Contextual advertising, which can give results in a few hours. Thus, you can significantly increase the speed of distribution of reviews.
  • Using SERM, we can neutralize black PR by technically displacing the negative outside the top SERP.

How much is your online reputation worth?

She is priceless. But in the end, the time and money that will have to be spent on recovery is hard to imagine. In this case, the advantage is not the saved budget, but your reputation.

The high image of your company, which can only be earned through scrupulous work, will certainly pay off.

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