SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A set of measures to optimize the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines to improve its position in the search results. As a rule, SEO is carried out with the aim of increasing traffic, attracting potential customers, increasing brand awareness, and, accordingly, the subsequent monetization of the site.

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  1. Manager


    Communicates with the client, supervises the work, solves all working moments

  2. Head of SEO Promotion Department

    Head of SEO Promotion Department

    Monitors the quality of work of specialists

  3. Optimizers


    They optimize and promote the site, prepare technical specifications and control the work of programmers

  4. Link builder

    Link builder

    Places links to your resource: articles, crowd marketing, outreach

  5. Analyst


    Conducts usability and traffic research

  6. Programmers


    Implement various SEO edits on the site

  7. QA testers

    QA testers

    Tests the site for “non-working” code

  8. Copywriters


    Write texts to the site

* In some cases, effective SEO promotion requires a complete reworking of the logic of a web resource - its structure, external design, principles of interaction with the server, arrangement of blocks, modules and other elements.

Working with sofona is

  • Experience


    Sofona web studio exists since 2008


    We will tell you about the possible timing of reaching the TOP and ways to increase conversion.



    No hidden and additional payments for promotion


    Regular audit and project development report. Strategy adjustment suggestions



    We use modern methods of integrated Internet marketing and promotion


    Staff members, wide range of capabilities. We solve any problems



  • Orders from organic traffic

    Orders from organic traffic

    Visitors leave requests by going to the site from the search, because your resource responds to the request they entered

  • Reduced cost per lead

    Reduced cost per lead

    Organic traffic is free. There is a significant decrease in the cost of the order (lead)

  • Guaranteed orders

    Guaranteed orders

    When a contextual click soars in price, the site is still in the TOP and takes interested users from SEO traffic

  • Trust in the site and company

    Trust in the site and company

    Those in the TOP are recommended by Google and Yandex search engines as relevant to the query. They are more trusted than ad placements

  • Reducing the cost of contextual advertising

    Reducing the cost of contextual advertising

    When you reach the top positions in SEO, you get the same number of leads, but with less advertising costs.

What social networks do we work with

And 32 more services, including our own development


  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO

    • Technical audit
    • Collecting and clustering semantics
    • Site architecture development
    • Onpage optimization
    • Optimizing website speed and page load - SSL (http to https) migration
  • Content SEO

    Content SEO

    • Checking content for uniqueness, wateriness, spam, indexability ...
    • Commercial Content Development
    • Researching and writing evergreen articles
    • Research and writing news articles
    • Development of formulas for the formation of aggregated content
  • Reputational SEO

    Reputational SEO

    • Technical Link Building
    • PR articles
    • Outreach
    • Crowd marketing
    • Working with reviews
    • Create PBN
  • SEO Consulting

    SEO Consulting

    • Comprehensive audit and development of a promotion strategy
    • Search Engine Sanctions Removal
    • SEO consulting
    • Analysis of potential user interest in a new product, service, direction ...
    • Analysis of the competitors' niche
  • Mobile SEO

    Mobile SEO

    • Website optimization for mobile devices
    • Getting Mobile friendly status
    • Switching to responsive design
    • Preparing mobile pages for the new format of mobile first search results
    • AMP Technology Implementation
  • Local SEO

    Local SEO

    • Connect Google My Business
    • Filling with Google+ and Facebook Group reviews
    • Optimization for geolocation queries for companies that have local offices, shops, cafes, car washes ...
    • Optimization for voice search

What social networks do we work with

  • Positions

  • Visibility

  • Traffic

  • User behavior

  • Sales Conversions

  • ROMI

  • Growth of site positions in search results for targeted user queries
  • Increase of site visibility in search engine results
  • Increase in the number of website visitors from month to month and from year to year
  • Reducing bounce rate and increasing average user session duration
  • Growth of targeted actions on the site
  • Reducing CPC and increasing ROMI organic traffic


What experience do you have in website promotion?
Our company has been promoting projects of various sizes and complexity for 11 years, ranging from small information projects and startups to world-class e-commerce projects. Experience of our employees from 3 years in the field of SEO. You can find the reviews of our clients on the main page of the site.
How much does website promotion cost?
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What will I get from SEO website optimization?
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How are you better than your competitors?
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Why is SEO better than context?
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Is there any report in the work?
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In modern realities, SEO belongs to the category of one of the most expensive and time-consuming channels for attracting traffic, however, in terms of efficiency, there is little that can match them. This is due to the number of works, which include both code revision and the purchase of links on thematic portals to increase the site's citation index.
The main task of the optimizer is to attract customers to the site, and not just to increase its position and traffic. Therefore, it is important to attract targeted traffic - users who are interested in your services, as well as to make the resource itself more convenient and interesting for visitors.
Complex promotion requires a whole team of specialists who can perform various aspects of the work. In addition to SEO specialists, analysts, programmers, designers, layout designers, copywriters, testers and many others work on the site.

Search engine SEO goals

  • Increase the traffic of potential customers
  • Formation of a positive image of the company
  • Increasing loyalty from the target audience
  • Increase conversion rates and drive profit growth

How much does SEO promotion cost?

The specifics of search engine optimization does not allow allocating a fixed cost for the service. Each project has an individual level of competition in the search engine, a different range of internal optimization work, as well as different prices for link mass and texts, which are determined depending on the specifics of the niche. Thus, in order to calculate the exact cost of search engine optimization, a preliminary analysis of the site and its niche is required, as well as the development of the semantic core, according to which the site will be optimized.
Web-studio Sofona offers complex SEO-promotion services, including both external and internal optimization. You can get acquainted with the services in more detail by phone number ... or using the feedback form - the manager will conduct a free consultation, calculate the cost and, if necessary, arrange a personal meeting.

How long will it take for the first promotion results?

For each project, the time to bring the site to the TOP is individual. It depends on many factors, including the age of the site, how long it has been on the market, the level of competition and their activity, the topic of the site, the niche in which promotion is required, the semantics of the site - how many requests it covers, the presence or absence of content on the site, is it unique he, the state of the link mass, whether any promotion work was carried out before, the region of promotion, whether software improvements are needed on the site. On average, this can take from 6 months to 1 year. After the optimization work has been done, it takes time for the search engines to re-index, and this can take from 14 days to two months. Due to the constant SEO work, the growth dynamics is constantly observed.

We offer website promotion in Google and Yandex

There are two main search engines in the CIS countries: Google and Yandex. They are differently popular among Russian-speaking users, depending on the region. The promotion mechanisms in these search engines are similar, but there are several important differences that you should pay attention to. Moving forward in one of the search engines, it is important not to harm the positions in the second. To do this, you need to take into account the differences in ranking factors. For example, Yandex checks content more thoroughly for uniqueness and spamming, the optimal length for it is up to 5 thousand characters. Google, on the other hand, is more favorable to longreads, and external link mass influences rankings more strongly than in Yandex. When choosing which of the search engines to promote, focus on the geographic location of your own target audience. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. He practically became a monopoly in Ukraine, also in Western Europe and the United States. In Russia, Yandex and Google are divided about 50-50, in Belarus and Kazakhstan, Google occupies about 30%.

How to order website promotion on the Internet?

You can contact our specialists for a free consultation to learn more about the features of complex promotion. We can also conduct a comprehensive check of the resource and determine the main points of its growth. Just fill out the form that you see at the bottom of the page and we will contact you within a few minutes.

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