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1. The project is conducted by SMM specialists who have passed special training, and not beginners without experience

2. We bring only live, interested subscribers

3. We control KPI: the number of reactions to posts, comments, dynamics of subscribers, audience coverage, the number of visits to the site, incoming applications

4. A whole team is working on the project: project manager, SMM specialists under the supervision of the head of the department, designer, marketer (depending on the package)

5. Content is not monotonous. Only group administrators don't like it

6. We report monthly on the work done, where we show the main indicators of smm

7. We use special programs to track brand mentions in social networks, as well as trending content

8. We show the result already for 2-3 days of work on the project

9. We are perfectionists - we love quality content, original ideas and creativity

Order promotion in social networks

Order SMM

How we are working with the project?


We get acquainted and find out everything about your company, fill out the brief


We set goals and define the target audience


Analyzing niche and popular content


We draw up a promotion strategy and set up analytics tools


We efficiently design a client group and launch a promotion


We prepare a report with the achievements of the first month and a work plan for the next



Improve brand awareness

Build a base of potential customers


Communicate directly with the target audience

Increase brand loyalty of your target audience


Receive feedback from existing customers

Increase sales growth from social networks




SMM manager

- Development of a content plan
- Coordination of publications and activations
- Content placement

- Working with comments
- Reporting


Account manager

- Coordination of agency and client work
- Document flow
- Mutual settlement



Text content within headings and creative ideas



Page and content styling within the weekly plan and visual templates



- Creation, placement, analysis and optimization advertisements
- Reporting


SMM strategist

Development of SMM strategies - weighty documents that completely regulate your promotion in SMM

Frequently asked Questions
Are my clients on social media?
There are 3.8 billion active social media users in the world today. The probability that your potential customers are not among them is very small. In addition, for each project, we analyze the target audience and determine the maximum possible coverage and number of the main audience segments among users of various platforms. Therefore, before the start of work, you can not only make sure that there are your clients in social networks, but also know their number.
What is an SMM strategy?
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What does SMM promotion give?
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How does social media advertising affect sales?
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What is the budget for an advertising campaign you need to allocate each month?
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How do you measure the effectiveness of social media marketing?
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How do you measure the effectiveness of social media marketing?
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SMM promotion on social networks -

it is the process of driving traffic or attention to a project, brand or product through social media. You can be an exemplary company, with noble goals, have a unique proposal, but if the masses don't know about it, you are practically not there. SMM promotion means informational and viral posts, quick feedback from a loyal audience, an increase in calls and sales. SMM promotion on social networks is needed by any company, regardless of its age, scale and focus.

SMM promotion should be ordered if:

1. Your project does not have pages on social networks. The average user spends at least 2 hours a day on social networks. Every 4th publication in your feed is advertising. Therefore, if your business does not have pages on Facebook or Instagram, you are losing a large stream of potential customers.

2. There are pages, but no sales. Having a page is not a guarantee that sales will flow like a river. Before starting the promotion, it is important to draw up the right strategy and take into account many nuances. In addition to the formation of selling content, competent advertising promotion is required using targeting, opinion leaders, promotions, and automation services.

3. There are pages, but not enough sales. When building work with pages on social networks, it is very important to draw up a sales funnel and a detailed promotion strategy. In the process, you need to understand what techniques you use and what they will give you, what tools you do not know about and where you need to apply them. Each project needs to be considered individually, because in some cases you will need to use absolutely all the mechanics, while in others you only need a website and an advertising office.

Benefits of targeted advertising on social media

  • There is an excellent opportunity to promote a service or product without a website - this option is the most convenient for small businesses. You can create a competent company page with a description of the product and bring customers to it. One of the smm ways to promote.
  • Flexible customization. There is an option to choose different groups according to parameters - age, education, gender, geography, etc.
  • Working with each group of participants and customers separately. For different audiences your ad.

Essential components or what not to do without

SMM promotion on social networks without an experienced specialist who is ready to pay daily attention to your project - a wasted time. It's not enough to collect posts and throw them on the page according to timing. This is just a small fraction of the available tools for an SMM marketer. In addition, advertising provides effective promotion on social networks.

VK, FB, Instagram and other less popular resources have their own official system of contextual and post advertising. In addition to the services organized by the administration, SMM specialists know about other effective ways to attract an audience to groups.

In addition, changes, new "tricks", updates are periodically in each of the social networks. It is difficult to keep track of all of them, developing a business independently on several sites at once. Not to mention implementing, practicing, and analyzing effectiveness.

Order a design

How much does it cost to develop a design?

The pricing policy of any SMM service depends on various factors: business direction, brand popularity, specifics and audience size. It also affects: what social networks you plan to promote, whether you need a corporate blog, whether there will be ads on Facebook / Vkontakte, whether there will be contests and sweepstakes. To work with each project, an individual strategy is developed with design and unique promotion mechanics. To find out the exact cost of smm promotion, contact us in any way convenient for you!

Working with the SOFONA team, you will get a live audience of real subscribers, not bots!
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