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Corporate identity is a harmonious combination of graphics, united by a common concept and style. It is the corporate identity of the brand that allows you to form its unified image. Thanks to him, the consumer recognizes and remembers it faster and easier.

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Key elements of corporate identity development:

  1. Brand name

    Brand name

    By the name of the brand that the consumer identifies the brand.

  2. Logo


    It is one of the most important brand identifiers, an image of important brand data.

  3. Color code

    Color code

    Corporate colors are used to create style. They make the brand recognizable.

  4. Unique graphics

    Unique graphics

    Corporate graphics allows you to create, maintain and promote the corporate identity of the company. Helps to reveal the character of the brand without words.


  • Logo


    It is important for us in which direction the business is moving. Will the brand remain the same or is there an expansion planned? The interests of the client are above all.

  • Tagline

    The original name can be born from an associative array, become the prototype of a famous expression, or be invented from scratch. In any case, a good name is not a matter of chance, but the brainchild of an educated and erudite name.

  • Branded ad unit

    Branded ad unit

    We do not solve everything for the client. We value the opinion of the customer at the stage of generating names. We are flexible to adjust the brief, but not at the stage of project delivery.

  • Corporate font

    We create names and logos for them. We position the brand, create an advertising image, a brand character and an advertising video - all in accessible formats and with clear comments.

    Corporate font
  • Corporate color

    Development of corporate style

    Only 10% of the time is devoted to “banging on the keyboard”. The rest 90% of the copywriter studies the topic, analyzes, plans.

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  • Custom design

    Custom design drawn from scratch. No templates when developing

  • We guarantee deadlines

    We guarantee deadlines

  • Convenient payment method

    Convenient payment method

  • We provide sources in vector

    We provide sources in vector

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It is impossible to order a corporate identity.

This is a unique "product" that is created exclusively individually, taking into account the specifics of the business of a particular company. Our designers will help to implement a ready-made branding concept - they will select a set of fonts, color style elements, create logos, write a unique slogan, select graphic patterns.

The implementation stage involves the extension of the developed standards to all types of company branded products:

outdoor and media advertising, advertising signs and posters, printing (calendars, brochures, packaging), design of a corporate office and points of sale, vehicles, staff clothing and advertising materials (mugs, pens, key rings, lighters, business card holders, etc.)

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Corporate identity design:
functions and tasks

A well-designed corporate identity is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • helps consumers quickly find the desired product of the company;
  • recognizable and attractive brand image;
  • increases the efficiency of PR and advertising;
  • reduces the cost of forming a communication system by increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Corporate identity is an effective means of fighting for a customer

The consumer doesn't want to waste time. Therefore, it is so important to make the company as recognizable as possible. “I heard about it, I know it and I will choose it,” - this is how the consumer thinks. For him, corporate identity means saving time, ease of choosing a product or service, and positive emotions.

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You can order a corporate identity for your company in our company SOFONA on the most favorable terms. We offer professional development of corporate concepts and visualizations (brand books, guidebooks) for companies in any field of activity and for any representative and marketing tasks.

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