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What determines the cost of services / agency commission?
Agency commission depends on the volume of the promoted resource (the number of promoted pages / categories) and on the number of contextual advertising tools used (search advertising in Google Ads, advertising in the Google Display Network, Google Shopping, video ads on YouTube, etc.).
Will the commission rate decrease after the second / third month?
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When to expect the first results?
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How fast is the start of work on contextual advertising?
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What is the startup algorithm?
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We are certified partners Google and Yandex

The whole works team of professionals


Experience in various business niches, including b2b

Experience in setting up advertising companies to different countries of the world


Individual approach to each client

Personal account manager, who is always in touch

What problems do customers usually contact us with:

Few clients, more needed

No online sales

Profits are volatile. From month to month quality and the number of clients changes in an unpredictable way

Advertising works, but more clients are needed

More money is needed. You feel you can make money more for the same budget

There is no understanding of how Google Ads works, what kind of advertising run first?

Google ads don't pay off. You spend more what do you get from advertising?

Contextual advertising on GOOGLE ADS
Contextual advertising Google Ads is the placement and display of site advertisements for the target audience using the search advertising service Ads (AdWords) from Google. Interface and tools for creating and customizing advertisements allows you to set the text and select the target audience for display in search results.
Contextual advertising in YANDEX.DIRECT
Yandex.Direct is a service for placing contextual advertising on Yandex and on partner sites of its advertising network. In many areas, advertising on Yandex is cheaper than on Google, which allows you to attract targeted customers for a lower fee.
PPC advertising for branding
Brand contextual advertising is a type of advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct systems, which is aimed at forming a brand image and popularizing it among the target audience, which is interested in its goods (services).
Contextual advertising consulting
This is an opportunity to get professional advice, advice and assistance on any issues related to contextual advertising. Consulting is carried out on the systems Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct. The paid consulting service includes: recommendations for optimizing advertising campaigns and improving landing pages, developing a personal promotion strategy, assistance in case of failures or problems in your campaign, and many other questions.
Contextual advertising audit
Analysis of the quality of the organization, the effectiveness and efficiency of the advertising campaign. PPC accounts are audited only by certified experts in the field of contextual advertising and analytics. The task of the audit is to detect flaws in ongoing advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Yandex Direct.
a type of ad campaign in Ads that allows you to advertise online store products on Google. Google Shopping is essentially a commodity aggregator for online stores.

Benefits of contextual advertising


Quick start and result

PPC tools allow flexible customization according to different parameters and, if necessary, quickly make changes. If everything is configured correctly and correctly, you will see the first results very soon.


You are in the TOP

You will be in the TOP 4 of Google search results immediately after the launch of the advertising campaign. In order to get results from Google PPC advertising, you don't need to wait several months, as is the case with SEO.


Clear targeting of your audience

Contextual advertising is aimed at an audience that is already interested in a product or service. The advertisement of the new collection of handbags from “Givenchy” will be seen not by a plumber from Krivoy Rog, but by a suitable target audience, which is highly likely to make a conversion.


You pay only for the result

You control all spending on advertising on the Internet and pay not for the users who saw your ad, but for those who followed it to the site.


The effectiveness of contextual advertising is easy to analyze

You can calculate the cost of traffic, conversions, plan your Google PPC budget and ROI.

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords is the main source of contextual advertising in the world. It is characterized by a high level of service, user-friendliness, simple navigation. Google Adwords contextual advertising gives a very quick effect, it is a kind of guarantee of traffic growth of your resource. Contextual advertising "Google" is based on the fact that the customer pays directly for clicks on his links. This system is beneficial for both the client and the search engines. A lot of companies turn to Google Adwords service after unsuccessful attempts to bring a site to the TOP using SEO methods. This can be due to both mistakes in the optimization campaign and objective factors such as high competition. But despite its outward simplicity and functionality, as well as the fact that contextual advertising on Google is positioned as accessible to everyone, it is very important to entrust the process of creating an advertising campaign to professionals. Only a specialist will be able to correctly determine the goals, as well as select key phrases for advertising.

Google Adwords Advertising

At its core, Yandex.Direct is not much different from a similar service Google. The only difference is in the set of accompanying tools. Clients are leaning towards Yandex.Direct as a provider of contextual advertising for another reason - regionality. Despite the fact that search contextual advertising in Google is the most popular in the world, Yandex still dominates in the Russian-speaking segment. It has just over 50 percent of search traffic. That is why, when promoting a site that is focused on the Russian market, it is more expedient to use both services: Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. Contextual advertising in Yandex is paid in the same way as in the Google system, that is, for each click.

Order contextual advertising

Contextual advertising price

As already mentioned, the client actually pays for each click through his advertising link. And it is the estimated number of visitors for a certain time interval that is taken as a basis when forming an advertising budget. The price for one transition depends on the service provider and may differ significantly, be it Yandex or Google. Website promotion for contextual advertising costs on average 50 kopecks. up to UAH 1 per click, but in some cases these numbers can vary significantly.

So, in "Yandex" contextual advertising can go up to 30 UAH. for the transition - it all depends on the level of thematic competition. Also, regional factors and the popularity of keywords significantly affect the price. It is important to understand that the effectiveness of contextual advertising on Google or Yandex is assessed by the so-called CTR coefficient. It represents the ratio between the number of searches and the number of clicks on your advertising link. It is normal when 2-3 percent of the total number of requests bring a visitor to the site. Of course, the higher the number, the better. As you can see, contextual advertising on the Internet, the cost of which can be quite low, is an excellent means of attracting visitors to your site.

Why is it better to contact us?

Contextual advertising, which you can customize yourself, is still a rather complex tool, in which there are many different subtleties and nuances. Therefore, when planning your advertising campaign, you will need the help of professionals who know all the subtleties and pitfalls of contextual advertising. We are ready to undertake all promotional activities. Analysis of the market situation, selection of keywords, budget planning - all this will be done by our specialists. The geography of our services is very wide, and it does not matter, whether it is contextual advertising in Kiev or any other city - we work everywhere.

We also consider it our duty to remind you that contextual advertising of a site is just a tool to attract visitors to your resource. No advertising, even the most expensive one, will force a visitor to buy your product or service if he doesn't like something about the site itself. Therefore, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the site, its appearance, usability and usefulness for the user. The site itself should encourage the visitor to buy the product, and then come back again. Without this, it is impossible to build a truly profitable commercial resource, and the placement of contextual advertising will allow it to become even larger.

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