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Reliability and reliability of services is ensured through its own network Tier III data centers. The SLA protects your interests financially.

We appreciate that you choose us, and understand the importance of providing free qualified technical support. That's why we have a team of professionals ready to answer any of your questions 24/7/365.


Manage all services, keep track of your balance, set up notifications - everything from a single control panel, accessible from anywhere in the world.

We offer services that will easily solve your problems: from renting a dedicated servers before creating a hybrid cloud. Complex solutions are formed individually in according to the technical and commercial requirements of the customer.


Deliver the IT services you need with a hybrid cloud: combine local infrastructure with cloud, distribute the load in a few clicks.

Years of experience in the hosting and cloud services market allows us accurately identify customer needs, use each case for development and improving the quality of the service provided.


Thank you for choosing:




Unlimited traffic

There are no restrictions on received or converted traffic on a dedicated server. The only thing we demand is not to violate the terms of provision of services.

- Working with comments
- Reporting


Excellent support

Basic support included. You are developing your business, and we will ensure the operability of the leased server. We will update the software, install additional PHP modules.


IP-KVM at any time

Work with your physical server as if it were nearby. IP-KVM in any time


Root access, customization flexibility

With root access you get full control over the server. Using SSH you can install and uninstall software, view logs and much more


Server monitoring

We know how important it is for the server to always work. Therefore, provides round-the-clock monitoring of the availability of HTTP, MySQL, ICMP of your dedicated servers with e-mail and SMS notification.


Space for backups

We know how important it is for the server to always work. Therefore, provides round-the-clock monitoring of the availability of HTTP, MySQL, ICMP of your dedicated servers with e-mail and SMS notification.

Frequently asked Questions
When should you order a server?
It is worth buying a dedicated server if you do not have enough ordinary resources hosting, or more flexible configuration is required. Compared to Cloud VPS, physical servers have more disk space. By renting a server, you completely get rid of your neighbors, using equipment resources by 100%. Server with root access can be configured as much as possible efficiently for your applications.
How to upgrade from VPS hosting to dedicated server?
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I am not an administrator, can I use the DEDICATED server?
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How quickly will a dedicated server be ready?
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How many sites can I host on my server?
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Will I be able to further increase the resources of the ordered server?
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What is RAID?
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Where will the server I rent be located?
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Didn't find the server you want?

Assemble your server - it will be ready within 1-5 days


Hosting -

it is a service that allows you to host your information on a third party server. In addition to the classical understanding that hosting hosts sites, there may also be databases, cloud file storage, mailboxes, ftp accounts and much more.

A quality hosting provider ensures that your site is always available, will work flawlessly and at a stable level. In total, there are three types of hosting - shared hosting, virtual server, dedicated server. Each service implies the provision of disk space, RAM and processor power to the user for rent for a certain time:

  • in the case of virtual hosting - the declared part on the server, located next to the sites or files of other clients;
  • virtual server - an environment with much more resources, isolated from other clients;
  • a dedicated server is an independent physical resource fully owned by one client for the duration of the lease.

A dedicated server is ideal for large projects requiring maximum reliability and guaranteed resources. The entire physical server is completely at your disposal. Renting a server gives you maximum control, security and customization flexibility.

Thanks to the convenient control panel, working with the server is no more difficult than with ordinary shared hosting. We are responsible for the quality of the server. If you have any questions, our technical support specialists are always ready to help. You can be calm and fully focus on your business.

To provide a dedicated server service, we use only high-quality equipment from well-known brands. Multi-core processors deliver unprecedented speed to your applications. Before commissioning, each server undergoes stress testing. This gives us the confidence to guarantee 99.99% server availability for our customers.

Consistently high hosting speed worldwide

Thanks to the placement of servers not only in Ukraine, but also in other parts of the world, your sites are loaded equally stably and quickly in all corners of the Earth. Our CDN points are located in 35 countries and 50 cities. Thus, you get reliable hosting at favorable rates, which will provide all the conditions for the site around the world.

What can we offer you?

  • Linux and Windows hosting rent;
  • Dedicated servers;
  • CDN content delivery networks;
  • Domain name registration;
  • Registration and installation of SSL certificates;

If you are just planning to engage in Internet activities and this will be your first paid hosting - do not be alarmed, you can start working with your new website in a few minutes after purchase: you can choose hosting with an installed CMS or install the engine yourself in a couple of clicks.

A separate reason for pride is the young team of technical support professionals. Our experts are always ready to help you in solving any questions: with a resource, a server, an SSL certificate or with a consultation. To resolve each issue at any time of the day, our support will give you as much attention as you need.

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