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The purpose of branding is to increase company and product awareness, create a strong emotional connection with the target audience. Naming is one of the main stages of branding, which includes the development of a name for a product or service, as well as advice on registering a TM.

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The development of naming requires:


Market Analysis


Testing at
focus groups


Linguistic analysis


Get creative and teamwork

Brand building consists of
7 main stages:

1. Market and consumer analysis

identification of current market needs, level of demand for goods, desires and expectations of the target audience, distinctive features of competitive companies.

2. Development of the brand concept

those the key difference of the product, its (USP) unique selling proposition and positioning concept.

3. Formation of the identification system:

naming, corporate identity and unique logo, packaging design, advertising slogan, design of advertising products, design of POS materials, etc.

4. Creation of brand documentation

- brand book and guideline - guidelines for the use of verbal and visual elements of the brand.

5. Building a strategy for bringing goods to market

- promotion of the company's brand.

6. Media planning

and development of an advertising campaign.

7. Monitoring branding performance

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What determines the price of branding creation?

The cost of developing a brand name is always calculated individually. The price depends on many components, including:


Product class -

depending on the specifics and purpose, all goods and services are divided into official classes. This affects the price of naming, since the competition in different classes of goods and services is different. One of the main conditions for naming is the uniqueness of the name and the correct communication message. Than the more competitive the environment, the more difficult it is to achieve these goals.


Domain name -

if you need to create a corporate website and the brand name is automatically will be your domain name, then the range of possible options is significantly narrowed. It's related with the fact that the name may be free for registration of a trademark, but such a domain the name is already taken. In this case, it will be necessary to develop naming, taking into account these restrictions.


Need for registration

- it is much easier to come up with a name that does not need to be registered, so the cost will be lower.


Number of ordered services -

the price for the development of naming along with the line of names will be lower (in comparison with the cost of each of the services separately).

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Need a name for your company or product that really grabs the attention of your customers?

Contact us and the target audience will never pass by your product! Branding & Naming from Sofona is short, capacious and attractive. Contact us!

Why is it worth to choose us?



It is important for us in which direction the business is moving. Trademark will it stay the same or is there an expansion planned? The interests of the client come first.


The original name can be born from the associative series, become a prototype known expression or be invented from scratch. In any case, a good name is not a matter of chance, but the brainchild of an educated and erudite name.



We do not solve everything for the client. We value the opinion of the customer at the stage generating titles. We are flexible to adjust the brief, but not at the stage of project delivery.


We create names and logos for them. We position the brand, create an advertising image, the character of the trademark and the commercial - all in accessible formats and with understandable comments.


Thorough analysis

Only 10% of the time is devoted to “banging on the keyboard”. The rest 90% the copywriter studies the topic, analyzes, plans.

NOT boilerplate solutions

We do not have ready-made briefs and scripts for the text. We are confident that every project needs an individual approach.


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Consumer branding

Consumer branding is the process of creating a branding calculated to the end consumer, it can be applied to goods, services, or to a specific person (personal branding). Consumer branding creates an image, positioning concept, model behavior, visual and verbal characteristics of a particular product, service or person.

Corporate branding

Unlike consumer branding, corporate branding is aimed at to create a company brand. Here, branding technologies are aimed at more than one target audience, but into several target segments: company personnel, partners and investors, end users. Taking into account the peculiarities of each of them, corporate branding creates visual and verbal attributes brand: slogan, corporate identity of the company, naming, logo, advertising design, etc.

Branding technologies allow you to solve the following tasks

Create a positive image

main differences and additional values ​​of the product, except for its main functional purpose.

Build a communication system

and interaction with the consumer.

Improve product quality

in the eyes of the consumer and, accordingly, the level of trust of the target audience in the product.

Increase brand value and assets

which will allow the manufacturer to increase the price of the proposed product.

Create so called "anchor points"

эemotional connection between the target audience and the brand. Today consumer acquires not the product itself, but the emotions and impressions associated with it, since the abundance of market supply makes it difficult to choose a product based on its rational characteristics.

Brand naming (eng.brand naming - development of the name, brand name) -

professional creation of a brand name subject to registration as brand, taking into account marketing objectives and brand positioning. This is necessary for in order to attract customers and simplify communication between the brand and the consumer. Exactly brand naming makes your product or service unique. It doesn't mean at all that the product must necessarily be unique, just a new brand perceived by the consumer should just like that. It is very important that the name of the new product reflects its specifics and at the same time was short and original.

Sofona has been on the advertising market for over ten years

The team consists of 26 specialists who have ensured product recognition during this time in over 60 different business areas.

For 10 years, new trademarks have been created on the FMCG market (dairy, fat and oil and confectionery, cosmetics, etc.), retail (food, retail clothing stores and footwear), HoReCa, B2B (production of energy-efficient double-glazed windows, equipment for retail chains), services (medical, educational, real estate, travel, etc.).

Many foreign companies contact Sofona if they want to order inexpensively naming and get a high-quality result.


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Why you should contact Sofona for branding?


We develop naming like marketers. Not just to sound good, but so to match the market niche, the preferences of the target customer, facilitate reporting positioning of the company, product or service and was consistent with the company's strategy in the market.


We think like businessmen. We offer only those names that you can register. Since the brand name is an asset. We minimize legal risks.


We think like advertisers. Immediately think about how the name will be sound in various communication channels

How is a company or product name created?

The development of the name of an object can be carried out using the most different methods. However, in addition to the methods, the copywriter must be guided by several more important rules. In particular, good naming must be:

full of meaning;
associative (but not necessarily negative).

When these four conditions are met, the name of the company or brand will truly appeal to the customer.

The key to the success of modern business is competent branding

Brand development is the technology of transforming an ordinary consumer product into a successful brand, creating a competitive advantage of the product, its value and emotional component. The quality of goods or the price has long since faded into the background.

Today the product itself is important for the consumer, or rather its "beautiful" presentation and of course the same reputation of the manufacturing company. That is why almost all companies, regardless of size activities pay great attention to the development of a brand identification system - a unique logo, design and packaging design, corporate identity, brand book, etc.

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